Repair On All Makes Including

Washing Machine Repairs

Washing Machine Repair in Lancaster, Morecambe & Kendal


Over time, washing machine parts can wear out and are in need of repair. When this happens, it’s most likely due to one particular component within the appliance causing the washing machine to fail or work incorrectly.

It can be frustrating when this happens, but our wealth of experience means that we are able to quickly diagnose and repair your washing machine in next to no time. 

Whether your washing machine isn’t draining, won’t heating up, doesn’t spin, overflows or the door won’t open, we can professionally diagnose your appliance and can carry out the repair to work around you.

We have experience with all makes and models of washing machines from Bosch to Zanussi in both domestic and commercial environments and no job is too big or small.  

Our washing machine repair services are available over a large radius in the Lancaster, Morecambe and Kendal areas which means we are never too far away.  

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Oven & Cooker Repairs

Oven Repair in Lancaster, Morecambe & Kendal

Although ovens and cookers are generally hard wearing appliances, in time, many things can go wrong. Some common faults or issues with ovens and cookers may be issues with heating correctly, lack of spinning in the heating/cooling fans, broken control knobs, digital display issues, power issues or even that the door won’t close correctly.

If your oven or cooker doesn’t work correctly, you are putting your health at serious risk due to things such as food not being thoroughly cooked.

With over 10 years’ experience carrying out oven repairs, we can quickly carry out any form of oven repairs to get your appliance up and running again without the need to purchase a new oven. 

All repairs are carried out in the comfort of your own home by our knowledgeable engineers, so there’s no hassle of leaving you without your appliance whilst being repaired.

If your oven or cooker needs repairing or fitting, then please click the button below to contact us and arrange a date and time to suit you. 

Dishwasher Repairs

Dishwasher Repair in Lancaster, Morecambe & Kendal

Over the past years, the amount of UK households that own a dishwasher has grown rapidly. With ever-busier schedules, dishwashers are being used to get the job done quicker in the kitchen.

Due to daily usage, faults unfortunately can occur, effecting the performance of your dishwasher. There’s a multitude of issues such as lack of draining, not letting water in, leaving your washing dirty or not taking the dishwasher tablet that can culminate into something more serious. 

Our dishwasher repair service is quick an easy. We will attend your property and diagnose the issue before fixing in your home.

We have parts and spares on-hand for all makes and models of dishwashers to carry out your dishwasher repair as quickly as possible.

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Tumble Dryer Repairs

Tumble Dryer Repair in Lancaster, Morecambe & Kendal

Tumble dryers are a staple appliance in today’s society. Keeping them in tip-top condition will keep your energy bills as low as they can be. If the appliance doesn’t work as it should, more energy could be used to re-use for another cycle.

Our tumble dryer repair experts have the experience and knowledge to diagnose and fix all kinds of issues. We also have experience with all makes & models. The team here at JM Appliance Repairs are able to address and repair issues such as the drawer not filling, water leaks from the condenser and even noises that are out of the norm.

If you would like to arrange for one of our tumble dryer repair specialists to attend your property, please contact us and we can arrange a time and day that works around yourself.

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